When You You Can't Do It Yourself: The Value Of Professional Vent Cleaning

Vent or duct cleaning is touted as the best way to keep your home free of dust, contaminants and allergens. The process is straightforward: A vent cleaning specialist comes to your home and removes dirt from your heating and cooling systems. But if you like to do as much as possible yourself, you may be wondering: "Why can't I just do it myself?" Here's why having a professional clean your ducts is worth it to even the most accomplished do-it-yourselfer. [Read More]

How High Efficiency Air Conditioners Differ From Other Air Conditioners

You are probably wondering how an air conditioner could even be an energy efficient machine, given that air conditioners use so much power to cool your home. While you are certainly correct about the amount of power it takes to heat and cool your home, You may be surprised at the advances that have occurred with high efficiency air conditioners. Simply put, most modern air conditioners operate at a higher SEER, or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, than older machines. [Read More]

Keeping Your AC In Good Condition And Your Energy Bills Down

Your air conditioner can be a life saver during those hot months. However, you want to make sure you work it as little as possible so you don't put too much stress on it and raise the cost of your energy bills. You should follow the tips detailed below to keep your AC working efficiently, your home comfortable and your bills as low as possible: Properly maintain your air conditioner [Read More]

Integrating A House Fan Into Your HVAC System

Many people are familiar with ceiling fans, and while a ceiling fan can effectively circulate air around your house, they are not as effective at cooling your house as an AC unit is. On the other hand, adding a house fan to your HVAC system will give you the ability to quickly and efficiently cool your house. In some cases, a house fan can work even better than an AC system, so using a house fan can help you to save money on your cooling costs. [Read More]