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Signs You May Need A New Heat Pump Installation

A heat pump is a great way to control your home's temperature. However, like any appliance, they can wear down or break. Then, you will need a new heat pump installed, which can be inconvenient during a hot or cold wave. Before your heat pump breaks down, it will usually show signs of beginning to fail. Read on to learn more about the signs of impending heat pump failure.

Your Home Feels Uncomfortable

A failing heat pump won't keep your home at the desired temperatures. You may find patches of warm and cold areas as you walk around your home. Your home's indoor air quality could also suffer, and the air may seem stuffy or stale. The problem is most noticeable on very hot or very cold days when your system works the hardest.

Your Bills Are Rising

Heat pumps with problems often require more electricity to do the same amount of work. You'll notice your bills creep up over time. The heat pump may cycle on and off more often, with the on cycle being longer than usual. If servicing the unit doesn't help reduce these problems, it may be time for a new heat pump.

Your Heat Pump Is Old

Older appliances tend to require more electricity than newer ones. Also, they often have more problems that cause them to run inefficiently. Worn wiring, thermostats, and even weather can take a toll on your heat pump's efficiency. New technology is usually more energy-efficient.

Your Heat Pump Breaks Down a Lot

If your unit is not under warranty, you will have to pay for all repair bills yourself. If your unit breaks down often, those bills can add up. Over time, you could spend more on repairs than you would on a newly installed heat pump.

Your Heat Pump Is Noisy

Strange noises coming from your HVAC system could be a sign of a failing heat pump. Some noises are normal, especially if you haven't started it in a while. Other noises may mean something is wrong with your unit. An experienced technician can determine if your heat pump is the issue and install a new one if needed.

If your heat pump is old and does any of the above despite regular servicing, you may need a new one. You could benefit from newer technology. A new heat pump may be more efficient and have more features than your old one. Contact an HVAC technician for a heat pump checkup and see if a new heat pump installation is right for you.