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Installing A New AC? 4 Ways To Improve The Installation

If you're going to invest in a new air conditioner this winter, now's the time to prepare for installation. If you've hired an HVAC company for your new system, they'll handle the installation for you. But, there are some steps you can take to improve the installation process. There are also some installation steps that will safeguard your new air conditioner. Read the list provided below. Here are four steps you need to take when having your air conditioner installed. 

Upgrade Your Electrical Panel

If you're going to have a new air conditioner installed in your home, talk to your HVAC contractor about the electrical panel. This is especially important if you live in an older home. The wiring in your home might not be able to handle the added strain of a new air conditioner. That's why you need to have a new electrical panel installed with your new air conditioner. A new electrical panel will prevent shorts and malfunctions when you run your new AC. 

Install an Air Conditioner Pad

If you're installing an air conditioner for your new home, be sure to install a concrete pad first. Many people place their air conditioning units on bare soil. That's not the best approach to take though. Without a concrete pad, your air conditioning unit won't be as stable as it should be. Not only that, but mud could cause your air conditioner to sink during heavy rainstorms. Protect your air conditioner. Include a concrete pad with the installation of your new air conditioner. 

Give Your AC Some Shade

If you're ready to install a new air conditioner, take time choosing the right location. This is especially important when you're installing your air conditioner outside. Exposure to direct sunlight can cause serious problems for your air conditioner. In fact, direct sunlight can overheat your AC. When that happens, your AC needs to work overtime to cool your home. One way to overcome this problem is to choose a shady spot for your exterior AC unit. The extra shade will help protect your air conditioner during the summer. 

Protect Wires From Theft

If you want to protect your new air conditioner, take steps to prevent theft and vandalism. Air conditioner units are a prime target for residential burglars. You might not realize this, but the condenser can get taken apart for copper wire. One way to prevent theft is to have your HVAC contractor install a safety gate with your air conditioner. A safety gate locks around your AC unit. This prevents unauthorized people from accessing the condenser. 

For more information about air conditioning installation, contact a local company.