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3 Components You Should Check When Your Furnace Stops Working

One of the most inconvenient things that can happen is a furnace that suddenly stops working in the middle of the cold season. Unfortunately, this happens to many homeowners because they rarely check the state of their heating appliance. Therefore, they are often caught unaware by a sudden system breakdown. If this is the case, and your unit has stopped working, you may try to troubleshoot the cause and fix the issue to restore heating. However, note that without heating service expert help, you may end up causing more harm than good. In most cases, these four components are likely to cause a system to break.

Dirty Filters

If the furnace is firing up, but you still cannot feel its warmth, the chances are that the filters aren't working as they should. Note that filters play the crucial role of trapping dust, dirt, pollen, and other particles. This prevents them from getting into the air that circulates inside the house. As such, the filters accumulate dirt with time and could hinder airflow. In this case, you can purchase a new filter from the local hardware store and replace the current one. However, if you aren't sure about your ability to change the filters, get a technician to do it for you. More so, they'll clean reusable filters and check to ensure adequate airflow.

Issues Within the Ducts and Vents

The ducts are a network of pathways through which air travels throughout the home. If they are in excellent condition, they efficiently transport warm air from the heat exchanger to the rest of the house. However, when the system has blockages, you might experience cold spots in the house. Eventually, the entire system might shut off. In such cases, it is advisable to check the bits that protrude from the ducts and ensure they are fully open. If something is blocking them, get an expert to check their state and open them up so they can resume normal function. Note that, sometimes, the ductwork fails to keep the house well-heated because some parts become disjointed. Therefore, repairing them will set the rest of the system straight.

The Furnace Is Off

Sometimes you may look for significant and hidden causes of furnace problems when the source is simple and easy to fix. In some cases, you may want to check whether your furnace is on before you call the technician. You should know that someone in your home can turn off their system when doing routine cleaning and forget to turn it back on. However, if you turn it back on and it still doesn't work, a heating service technician can check the components and ensure they work.

These are simple causes of issues with the furnace. Talk to a heating service professional and have them assess all components of your system. They will find and resolve the problem in no time to ensure ultimate comfort as temperatures drop.