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Why Aerosol Air Duct Sealing Is Essential For Eco-Friendly Homes

As the effects of climate change and global warming become ever more noticeable and dramatic, many homeowners across the country are taking steps to make their homes more environmentally friendly. However, making your home more eco-friendly doesn't stop with fitting new heat insulation or a few solar panels.

The heating and cooling system is one of the most energy-hungry appliances in any home and will use even more energy if it is not properly maintained. If your home uses a ducted heating and cooling system, such as a forced air furnace or central air conditioner, badly maintained air ducts may be forcing your system to use more energy, increasing your home's overall environmental impact.

If your home's heating and cooling ducts have seen better days, having them professionally sealed by a residential air duct sealing service can be an excellent, eco-friendly investment.

How Does Aerosol Air Duct Sealing Work?

Properly functioning air ducts are a vital component of any ducted heating and cooling system, channeling warm or cold air to where it is needed most. If these ducts are leaky or cracked, some of the heated or cooled air can escape into your home's attic, crawlspace, or wall cavities before it reaches its destination.

This forces your furnace, air conditioner, or heat pump to work for longer before your home reaches the desired temperature, increasing its energy consumption. This can be especially problematic if you use a variable-speed heating and cooling system. These systems automatically moderate their power usage depending on need, and leaking ducts may force these systems to work constantly at full power.

Replacing damaged ducts to prevent leaks can be both expensive and disruptive. Professional aerosol air duct sealing is a quicker, cheaper solution but just as effective at preventing duct leaks.

During the sealing process, contractors will first block the grills and vents at the ends of your home's ductwork using expanding foam. The ducting system is then filled with an aerosol substance containing specialized polymers. These sticky polymer molecules become trapped in any holes or cracks in your home's ductwork, binding together to create an airtight seal over the leak.

The seals created by this process are durable and long-lasting and can significantly improve the energy efficiency of any ducted heating and cooling system. Aerosol sealing can be performed very quickly (often within a single day). Aerosol sealing is particularly useful for homes with ducts hidden in walls and ceilings, as replacing these hidden ducts can be very expensive.

Does Aerosol Air Duct Sealing Have Other Benefits?

Aerosol air duct sealing can instantly make your home more eco-friendly, but that isn't the only benefit it can provide. Inefficient heating and cooling systems have higher running costs, so having your ductwork sealed can pay for itself over time with lower energy bills.

Aerosol air duct sealing can also improve air quality in your home. Pollen, dust, air pollution, and other airborne contaminants can enter your home's ducts through cracks and gaps, tainting the air and clogging the system's air filters. Aerosol sealing prevents these contaminants from entering the system, so the air coming from your duct's vents and grills will be as clean as possible.

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