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About Water Heater Repair Issues

Since your water heater is likely tucked away where you don't see it often, it can be easy to forget about it for the most part. However, you'll quickly regret not keeping a closer eye on it if you suddenly end up with no hot water. This is just one example of why it's so important for you to be able to quickly spot the signs of water heater problems. Here's more on knowing when your water heater likely needs repairs: 

The water temperature is inconsistent

If your hot water is fluctuating, then you should have someone come take a look at the water heater. This can indicate that there is something going on that needs attention. Also, if you are finding that the hot water isn't lasting as long as you need, then this can indicate that the water heater might be too small for your household, and you should upgrade to a larger one. Some other examples of things that can cause fluctuations in the water temperature include a buildup of mineral deposits or problems with the water heating elements. However, you need a professional to take a look to determine whether you need water heater repairs or replacement. Then, they can take care of the work that needs to be done. 

There are scary sounds coming from the water heater

If you are starting to hear rumbling or growling sounds coming from the water heater, then this likely means that there is an excessive amount of sediment buildup in the tank. This sound can be scary at first when you don't know what it is. It's usually caused by the sediment that has collected in the tank shifting along the bottom and sides of the tank as the water in the tank heats up and expands. You want to have someone come out to drain the sediment from the water heater when you're hearing these noises. You'll also want to have them look at the current condition of everything to make sure there has been no damage that needs to be repaired. An example of something else that can cause noise is a broken dip tube, and this will allow the cold and hot water to mix, which will create noises. 

There is water leaking

In many cases, when there is water leaking from the water heater, it means you might need a whole new one. This is because the leaks will often be coming from corrosion, and this requires the unit to be replaced. However, there are some leaks that may be able to be repaired. For example, if there is a leak coming from the drain valve or the pressure valve, then it may be something that is repairable. You do want to act quickly before the situation gets worse and leads to more serious problems and even water damage.

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