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Unmasking The 3 Myths Surrounding Duct Cleaning

Like anything else, duct cleaning is surrounded by several myths. These misconceptions can make you question the importance of this process and whether it is worth your time and money. But the truth is that duct cleaning is a vital process for anyone that constantly uses the HVAC system. The ducts get dirty and clogged over time and hence require frequent cleaning. This article aims at debunking some of the false information out there so you can benefit from duct cleaning services.

Cleaning Air Ducts Is Not Necessary

Some homeowners believe that air ducts do not require cleaning because they do not get dirty. However, the opposite is true. To prove this, take out the air filter from your HVAC appliance and check the amount of dirt accumulated. 

You'll probably find loads of dirt in the system. Typically, ducts collect hair, insects, dander, dust, soot, and other particles that enter the AC. That is why you should never assume your duct system is clean. A routine duct cleaning is necessary to keep it from such filth.

Cleaning Pushes Dirt Back Into Your Home

For some people, the duct system shouldn't be cleaned because doing this only pushes the dirt back into your home. But this is a huge misconception. That is because professional duct cleaning companies use special tools that ensure no such thing happens.

Usually, they use a high-powered blower and a truck-mounted vacuum to create negative pressure in the ducts, thus preventing dirty air from being blown back into your home. They may also seal the openings and vents for comfort during duct cleaning.

In addition to the ductwork, the experts clear the system's coils, motors, and fans, so your appliance is completely free from dirt. Generally, the professionals aim at eliminating the filth from your system, not vice versa.

Anyone Can Do Duct Cleaning

Duct cleaning is a job that should be left to professionals since it's a complex process. Since you lack the required expertise, you might fail to do a thorough job. Furthermore, there is a high chance of damaging some components, which leads to unexpected expenses. The advantage of working with professional HVAC contractors is that they have the right duct cleaning equipment and products. For this reason, they will leave your system spotlessly clean without causing additional problems. 

Debunking these duct cleaning myths can save you from a lot of troubles. If you want to know more, ask an HVAC contractor about duct cleaning services.