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Signs That It's Time to Fix Your Furnace

Your furnace takes care of you and your loved ones during the cold months. It is the sole source of comfort when it is freezing, and that is why you need to treat it with utmost care. Failing to service your furnace or waiting too long to fix a minor issue in time is detrimental. It means you have to endure the chilling cold if the unit breaks down completely. So if you detect something unusual, it is advisable to contact your HVAC contractor right away. Here are signs that it is time to repair your furnace. 

Gas Leaks

Gas leaks are dangerous and require the immediate attention of an HVAC specialist. During repair, the expert will check and repair piping around the furnace to stop the leaks. If you smell any leak, ensure you open all windows and turn off the furnace. You can also seek shelter outside until the expert fixes the system.

Unusual Smells

While new units give out characteristic odors when in use, the smell should fade away with time. However, if you notice strange smells long after the installation, you may need furnace repair services. For example, a prolonged odor could signal an issue in combustion. In that case, the furnace produces the smell of Aldehydes which is a product of incomplete combustion.

Growing Energy Bills

When your heating system is malfunctioning, its gas uptake will rise. An inefficient furnace needs more power to work but produces insufficient heat. So if your home's energy consumption is rising yet your heating needs are unmet, it is time to call a furnace repair expert. They will give it a thorough checkup and recommend the necessary repairs. 

Uneven Heating

Even with the heating system on, you might note that some rooms are warmer than others. That is a sign that your unit is not working. When running effectively, the furnace should maintain a standard temperature level all over the house. 

A functional unit will ensure a balance in the temperature so that all the rooms are warm enough. Though room temperatures differ depending on the level of the house, the differences should not be too noticeable.

Struggle to Start the Unit

If you struggle to start your heating unit, it is important to seek repair services. The older any machine gets, the more it requires care and maintenance. Therefore, installing a new system might be essential if your current one has come to the end of its useful life. Starting problems can also result from clogged-up filters and faulty coils. 

Call a furnace repair professional to examine your furnace as soon as you notice the indicators above. Doing this guarantees you a stress-free and comfortable winter.