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Replacing Your Old Furnace? What To Consider When Shopping For A New One

If your existing heating system has become increasingly unpredictable or inefficient, installing a new furnace is the best way to help ensure that your family's home is comfortable each winter. Most homeowners in this situation may already be considering a certain model or brand, but it can be a good time to add a few more considerations to the list before making a final selection. 

Homeowners who would like to make a more informed decision when shopping for a new furnace can use the following suggestions to guide their process. 

Is it time to change your fuel type? 

With fuel and electricity costs soaring, many homeowners are understandably concerned about upcoming heating bills. While upgrading to a new furnace is a great way to reduce fuel or electricity usage and reduce the amount of heating bills you need to pay, homeowners may also want to use the occasion as an opportunity to switch to a different fuel type. 

To help make your decision, homeowners may want to compare energy costs in their area for electric, oil, propane, and natural gas furnaces to determine which one is likely to be most affordable for their family. In addition to energy costs for each type, homeowners may want to consider the efficiency rating, size, and customer reviews for furnaces of each type. 

Is a different size needed

Another important point to consider when replacing your existing furnace is whether the current furnace size is still accurate. This question is primarily for homeowners who have made major changes in their home, such as adding additional space or making other changes capable of affecting the efficiency of the HVAC system. 

Should you choose a different type of furnace? 

In addition to the type of fuel or power the furnace uses, homeowners may want to consider switching from a single-stage burner to a dual-stage or modulating type that can help them enjoy a more efficient heating experience. Homeowners may also want to consider installing a zoned heating system if different areas of the home could benefit from individual thermostat settings. 

What type of warranty is offered? 

When shopping for a new furnace, homeowners will also want to pay attention to the warranty. If possible, look for a furnace that offers a comprehensive warranty that provides coverage for both the furnace and the installation.

The purchase of a new furnace is a major expense that homeowners will want to approach with care. To get additional information and advice on selecting the best furnace for your home and situation, homeowners will want to speak directly with a reputable heating contractor in their area. Reach out to a local heating contractor to learn more.