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4 Air Conditioner Noises That Should Worry You

When you are running your air conditioner, you will hear the air coming out of the vents. If you are outside near the compressor, then you will hear the air moving through the system as well. However, the sound coming from your air conditioner should be largely predictable.


A screeching noise is never pleasant or a good sound to hear. If you hear a screeching sound coming from your air-conditioning system, then it is probably due to a motor fan belt issue. The belt may have slipped or gotten damaged. Your system may start screeching due to the poor lubrication of your system as well. Either way, you will want to get the issue investigated by an AC contractor right away.


Second, bubbling or gurgling sound is a sound you should hear when dealing with water, not when dealing with your air-conditioning system. If you hear bubbling or gurgling when your air-conditioning system is operating, then that could be due to air getting trapped in the lines of the system. That type of sound can also be caused by your condensate drain line getting clogged out and moisture getting stuck in the line.


Another sound to watch out for is a hissing sound. A hissing sound usually occurs when you have a refrigerant leak in your system. This can happen when the line that moves the refrigerant develops a hole or a crack.

If the leak persists, then you will notice that your system is not able to keep things cold. Leaking refrigerants is also a health risk for both people and animals and needs to be addressed right away.

Clanging and Rattling

Finally, you want to be on the watch for clanging and rattling noises. These noises are usually created when a part inside of your system becomes loose. This can also happen if debris gets inside of the system and blocks things.

There is a range of parts that could be impacted when you hear clanging and rattling in your system, so you will want to get a professional to check things out for you.

If you hear any of the strange noises above, then you will want to get an air-conditioning repair specialist to come out, investigate, and fix the issue. All of the above noises are concerning but can also be addressed and fixed by a trained professional. Contact a AC service for more information.