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Choosing a Contractor for Emergency Heating Repair Before the Service Is Needed

Scheduling emergency heating repair services are advisable, especially before the system ever needs repairs or if your house uses older systems. Old appliances may malfunction even when regular maintenance had been performed earlier in the year. The homeowners should look for a contractor who is willing to provide service any day of the year, 24 hours a day.

The Worst Possible Time

When people say heating equipment tends to break down at the worst possible time, they often are correct. Very cold temperatures mean that furnaces and other heating equipment work much harder than usual. This is when components at risk of malfunctioning or breaking down are most likely to do so. Also, temperatures typically are coldest at night, outside of normal business hours. An emergency heating repair service can show up during these difficult days. 

Preventing Frozen Pipes

As U.S. residents have experienced in 2021, freezing temperatures can happen nearly anywhere in this country. The combination of very cold weather and a lack of residential heat may cause water in plumbing pipes to freeze. Pipes are particularly susceptible in a crawl space when no warmth moves through ducts there. Plumbing situated against poorly insulated walls also can freeze without heat in the home.

This is a true emergency that a heating contractor can resolve. If those pipes break, water rushes into the building as the ice thaws. Houses built on slabs may have plumbing pipes and a water heater in the attic; plumbing breakages can cause serious damage to the home as the water leaks through the ceiling.

Deciding Whether to Wait

Some households may be able to wait until the next business day for repair work if the outside temperature is relatively mild. They also might do this if they have an alternate heat source. A fireplace keeps the surrounding space warm, for instance, although it doesn't have much effect on rooms further away. Running an electric space heater keeps the residents warm, but this should not be done overnight if the home has older wiring. This device also must have an automatic shutoff so that it doesn't run constantly. Unfortunately, these options won't work for everyone and aren't effective enough during extremely cold weather.

Getting Started

By forming a plan of action before the equipment breaks down, the home's residents are assured of prompt emergency service if they ever need it. Deciding on a contractor to call is part of their plan for minimizing the problem as much as possible.