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2 Potential Reasons Why Your Central A/C Unit Is Not Blowing Enough Air

Either after returning home or while relaxing in your house, you may have noticed that the air temperature is not as cool as it should be. After checking the vents, you may have found that there is barely any air blowing through them. If so, there are a couple of potential reasons why your central air conditioner is no longer blowing enough air that could be remedied on your own before calling in a professional.

1.  Airflow Through the Unit Is Blocked

One potential problem that is causing a decrease in the air coming out of your home's vents is that there is not enough air flowing through the unit itself. When the airflow is blocked, the unit will struggle to produce enough cool air to push through the ducts and into your house.

To help increase the flow of air, there are a couple of things you can do. First, you can clean the fins on the outside of the unit. When these fins collect dust and dirt, the air coming into the A/C unit will be partially blocked. Because the fins are very fragile, you need to be gentle while cleaning them out, using a soft-bristle brush or paintbrush.

Once you have cleaned out the fins, let the unit run for a few minutes to let any dirt circulate. Replace the air filter, then see if the airflow has improved.

2.  Fan Blades Are Loose

If unblocking the airflow does not help, another potential reason why your air conditioner is not blowing enough air is that the fan blades are loose. After turning off the power to the unit, remove the access panel.

Once the panel is removed, locate the fan, and use your hand to feel the tightness of the blades. They should not move when gently shaken back and forth.

If they are loose, tighten the screw or bolt in the middle of the fan. Then, replace the panel, turn on the power, and test to see if the air is flowing through the vents better.

After making an attempt to improve the unit's airflow and tightening the fan blades, you may still find that the air conditioner is still not blowing enough air. If so, there could be a problem with the fan motor or even the condenser, requiring the attention of a professional. Contact an HVAC contractor who offers air conditioning repair services to have them inspect the unit and discuss options for fixing any problems that they may find.