Talking About Air Conditioners

Air Conditioning Tips For Your Apartment

If you are responsible for paying the electric bill at your apartment, you should pay attention to how well your air conditioning unit is running. Whether it's a window unit that you've installed yourself or a central air system installed by the landlord, it's important to make sure you are cooling your space as efficiently as possible if you want to keep your electric bill under control. Here are some air conditioning tips to keep in mind as an apartment owner.

Make Use of Whatever Curtains You Have

An apartment unit typically isn't going to have as many windows as a house, but that doesn't mean you can't take advantage of your window curtains to help keep the heat at bay. If you notice it's an especially bright day outside, partially closing the curtains will help keep the heat out of your apartment while still allowing some daylight in for you and your guests. If your apartment only has blinds instead of curtains, you could try closing those, but you could also ask your landlord if it's OK to install curtains as they may provide additional insulation.

Change the Air Filter Regularly or Ask the Landlord to Do It

Your air conditioner's air filter plays a large role in making sure the unit can run as efficiently as possible. If you have your own window unit, be sure to clean or change the filter once every couple of months. If the filter is located inside of a central air unit, you may be able to gently remind the landlord about changing it if you notice that your A/C seems to be running less efficiently than it normally does.

Speak Up Sooner Rather Than Later

With that said, don't ever be afraid to speak up to your landlord about a problem that is costing you money. Are your windows poorly insulated? A little bit of caulk might help. Have you noticed a larger problem with the landlord-owned A/C unit that is costing you money? Ask for the apartment's maintenance professional to stop by. Every month that goes by because you don't want to raise a fuss with your landlord is another month when you might have a higher electric bill than was actually necessary, all because you didn't want to be the squeaky wheel.

Get your window air conditioning unit professionally serviced by an air conditioning professional, or ask the landlord to send someone over when the central air needs a tune-up