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AC Repairs To Stop The Problems With Your Air Running And Not Cooling

During the summer weather, your AC may be working hard to keep your home cool, but it may not really be doing much at all. Sometimes, these problems can be due to something as simple as a dirty air filter, or they could be something more serious that requires repairs. The following AC repairs will stop the problems that cause your air to run constantly without really cooling your home.

Change the Air Filter to Fix Airflow—The first area to look for AC problems is the air filter. Sometimes, the air filter needs to be changed because it is too dirty and is restricting airflow. In addition to your air filter, leaks in the ductwork can also cause problems with the AC and with your home not getting as cool as it should. You can have the ducts inspected when the air filter is changed to ensure they are not the cause of your cooling problems.

Failing Thermostats Causing Problems—A failing thermostat is another common cause for the AC not cooling as it should or constantly running. This happens when the thermostat does not accurately determine the room temperature in your home and sends a signal for the AC to constantly run. This problem can cause your home to be much cooler than the thermostat settings. It can also cause the AC not to run or cause problems with the airflow due to the system constantly running.

Damaged Compressor and Leaks—When the AC constantly runs or there are other problems with things like dirty components, the compressor and condensing coils can be damaged. These problems can cause the system to lose refrigerant gas, which can lead to the AC not cooling effectively or can lead to hot air coming out of the AC vents.

Dirty Condensing Unit Icing Over—The problems with compressors and leaks often start with the unit being dirty. When the unit is dirty, it can cause ice to form on components like coils and the compressor. This can cause damage to the compressor that will require repairs to get your AC working as it should again. These can be costly repairs if they are not fixed for too long and the compressor has to be replaced.

When your AC is constantly running and your home is still not getting cool, these problems could the causing the issue. Contact an air conditioning repair service for help with getting your air conditioning working efficiently again and cooling your home.