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What Type Of Repair Is Necessary For 3 Different Heater Sounds

If your heater is making a weird sound, you need to pay attention to what type of weird sound your heater is making. Not all sounds mean the same thing, and being able to accurately describe the sounds you are heating to your heating repair technician can help them know what type of job to expect when they arrive to repair your heater.


When your heater starts to rattle, that generally means that you have a part that is loose in your heater. What is loose depends upon the type of heating system that you have.

With a heat pump, you may have a loose fan or hose that needs to be tightened up. With a furnace, you may have a damaged heat exchanger that needs to be fixed.

Rattling can also be caused by damage to your ductwork. For example, loose ductwork or ductwork with a hole in it can cause a rattling sound as air is pushed through the system.

Rattling usually means that some part is loose or damaged and in need of attention.


A hissing sound from your heater usually means that something is leaking. With a heat pump, a hissing sound can be caused by a refrigerant leak. With a heat pump, a hissing sound can also be caused by a dirty filter that needs to be changed.

With a furnace, a hissing sound may be due to a leak in the duct system. A hissing sound from a furnace may also be due to a gas leak. If you ever think you have a gas leak in your home, you are going to want to turn off the gas and power to your home if you can safety due so, get outside, and call for emergency assistance.


A screeching sound can be really grating on your nerves and means that something is seriously wrong with your heater. With both a furnace and a heat pump, a screeching sound is usually caused by an issue with the blower motor, a part both systems share in common.

This can be due to loose metal scrapping against another metal element in the blowing motor, or it could be caused by the motor just needing a little lubrication. Either way, your motor needs some immediate attention.

If your heater is making a new and strange sound, listen to the sound so you can describe it. Then, call your heating repair service and plan to get your heater serviced as soon as possible. You don't want to keep operating your heater, assuming that the sound will go away. In most cases, that will only result in more serious damage to your heating system.