Talking About Air Conditioners

Should You Repair Or Replace Your Old Air Conditioning Unit

If you are trying to decide whether or not to replace your old AC, you may be wondering the best way to make the final decision. The following guide can help you determine whether or not you should install a new AC system.

Repair vs Replacement Cost

A single AC repair may not be expensive on its own, but as your system ages those repairs can slowly add up to a huge number. One simple method you can use to determine whether or not a repair is worth it is to multiply the cost of the repair by the age of the air conditioning unit. If the resulting number is larger than the average cost for a replacement, then it makes more sense to install a new HVAC system. For example, the national average replacement costs in $5500, so a $400 repair on a 15 year old unit is likely not worth the repair cost.

Out of Date Systems

Another consideration is whether or not the system is out of date. Older units use R-22 refrigerant, which is no longer allowed due to environmental concerns. If your AC has a refrigerant issue, you won't be able to have it repaired so a replacement is necessary. Energy efficiency is another example of what can make your HVAC system out of date. Some older units are extremely inefficient, which means the cost to repair and continue using the unit may cost more in energy usage than you would spend replacing the unit.

Rebates and Incentives

If you are still unsure about whether to repair or install a new unit, then look at any incentives or rebates being offered on new HVAC installations. There are sometimes federal or tax rebate programs available for those upgrading to more energy efficient units. Local governments may also provide rebate programs that can help offset the cost of a new unit installation. Check with your power and energy company, since there are sometimes rebates or energy savings programs offered to homeowners updating to a more energy efficient HVAC unit.

Air Quality Concerns

Sometimes an older AC cools the house fine, but the air quality suffers because the unit is out of date and simply doesn't provide the necessary filtration for a modern home. If anyone in your home has issues with allergies, then an update to a system that provides better filtration and air purification can lead to better health. Installing a new AC to help with air quality also makes sense if you have pets or live in an area with lots of dust.