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Problems Your Home's Furnace May Encounter

Without a modern furnace system, your home may struggle to stay warm during the winter months. Your home's furnace system can be among the most reliable appliances that you own, and this can make it easy to be unprepared when problems arise with it.

Fuel Filtration Problems

Many furnaces will use natural gas or heating oil to produce heat. These fuels can contain impurities that may interfere with the internal components of the furnace. Protecting the furnace from these problems will require a filter that is capable of removing these substances from the fuel before it reaches the burner. When the furnace's fuel filter becomes too full or torn, it will allow these impurities into the unit where they can cause performance problems. Checking the filter every couple of months will allow you to know when it is time for it to be replaced.

Wasting Fuel

The fuel costs for using your furnace can be among the most expensive costs that are associated with this appliance. As a result, a homeowner will have a strong interest in ensuring that their unit is being as efficient as possible with its fuel. Eventually, you might notice that the unit is wasting fuel, which can lead to it pooling along the base of the unit or around the burner. This is often a result of the burner failing to be properly maintained as this can inhibit the unit from efficiently burning all of the fuel that is fed to it. Regularly cleaning the burner should alleviate this issue, but if it does not, this could indicate that it may be time to replace the unit's burner.  

Excessive Noise

A furnace should typically make very little noise. However, if the furnace starts to become excessively loud when it is running, this can indicate any number of serious problems. For example, the blower in the furnace could be approaching failure due to wear or other malfunctions as these problems could cause friction that may produce these sounds. Additionally, this could indicate a potential obstruction in the system as the sounds could come from items banging against the interior of the furnace. Whenever your furnace starts to make unusual noises, you should treat it as a serious situation. This may involve turning off the furnace until it can be repaired, but this may be a small inconvenience for avoiding further damage to the unit. Keeping an emergency heater available can help you to handle these situations when they occur during periods of harshly cold temperatures.

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