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4 Tips To Prevent Air Conditioner Trouble

Air conditioners are the key to comfort during the summertime, which means you don't want to encounter any unwanted AC breakdowns. Preventing air conditioner trouble begins before you even buy your first AC unit. Follow these tips for an easy, stress-free air conditioning experience.

1. Buy an air conditioning unit from a trusted brand.

Many companies produce AC units. While shopping for one, make sure to do your research. Price isn't the only factor you have to take into consideration. Purchase an AC unit produced by a brand that is well-known for their quality products. You may want to look for reviews of their air conditioners online too. If many customers are satisfied by a particular air conditioner's performance over time, you know that it will probably serve you well too.

2. Pay attention to the location of the sun.

You probably have an idea of where you'd like your air conditioner to go. However, before having your air conditioner installed, you should pay attention to the way the sun falls in your house. It's not a good idea to place an air conditioner in a sunny window, since the sun can heat up the AC unit, making it harder to do its job. If there are several windows in the room you want to cool, ask your HVAC contractor to install the air conditioning in the window that gets the least amount of sun.

3. Take care of your air conditioner.

Air conditioners are low maintenance appliances, but they do still require some care. Make sure to change your air filter as needed, since clogged air filters can strain your air conditioner's motor. If you don't use your air conditioner in the winter months, you may want to cover its external parts in order to protect them from the elements. Always remember to uncover your air conditioner before running it again.

4. Investigate and repair problems immediately.

Most air conditioners show warning signs before they break. You may notice that your AC unit isn't cooling the room as well as it used to, your utility bill may be inexplicably higher, or your AC unit may start making an unusual sound. It's easy to ignore these problems while they're small, but you're better off calling an air conditioning repair service. An expert repairman can come to your house to look at your air conditioner. They will open it up to find the source of the problem then make whatever repairs are necessary.

For more information, contact an air conditioning company.