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Common Problems You May Have with Your Furnace

Whether you live in an area of the country where it is known for sunshine or you live in an area of the country where temperatures drop well below freezing every night, you need to have a heating unit that functions properly for when the cold weather strikes—because it will, regardless of where you live.

When it comes to your furnace, you will likely encounter a heating problem from time to time. Below you will read about some common problems you may experience with your home's furnace and why it is important not to ignore them even though your furnace may still be operating somewhat okay.

Uneven Heating

As long as your furnace is properly sized for your home and has been installed correctly, it should have no problem heating the whole home evenly. Now, if you begin to notice some cool spots in certain areas of the home while your furnace is switched on, then there is a problem somewhere. In many cases, the problem lies in the air delivery system.

Your furnace is a forced air heater, meaning that it distributes heated air throughout the home through air ducting. If there is a leak anywhere within that ducting, then that specific area may not properly reflect the desired level of comfort. As a result, you may experience cold spots in this area during the winter.

Short Run Times

If you aren't familiar with the way a furnace operates, you may think that it is operating efficiently when it only comes on for a few minutes at a time. However, if your home does not feel comfortable when it is running for that short period of time—and this will likely be the case—then there is an issue. This process is called short cycling, and it is a serious issue. Not only does short cycling result in a waste of money, but it also leaves you and your family uncomfortably cold. It can also damage your heating system.

In a number of cases, the short cycling can be a result of a dirty, clogged air filter. Prior to calling a professional, check the air filter. If it isn't dirty, then there could be a faulty component somewhere. In this case, you will need a furnace repair service to diagnose the exact component.

Whether you are dealing with uneven heating, short cycling, or something else entirely with your furnace, call a furnace repair service for professional assistance.