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Tired Of The Problems? 4 Signs You Need New Ductwork

If you're going to be having your heater or air conditioner replaced this year, it's time to add new ductwork to the contract. If you hadn't thought about the ducts, you're not alone. Ductwork is often overlooked until there's a problem. Now that you're replacing your heater or air conditioner, examine your ducts. If you're dealing with any of the issues described below, have your ducts replaced.

Your Existing Ducts are Old

If your current ducts are more than a decade old, they're too old. Ducts aren't designed to last forever. In fact, after about a decade they begin to fall apart. They develop cracks and gaps that can cause some serious problems in your home. Now that you're getting a new heater or air conditioner, replace the ducts.

Your Utility Bills are Escalating

If your energy bills are escalating each month and nothing you do seems to alleviate the problem. The issue probably lies with your ducts. Old, outdated ducts allow air to escape, which makes it more difficult for your HVAC system to keep you comfortable inside your home. The added work that's required because of your damaged ducts puts additional pressure on your heater or air conditioner, which makes your utility bills go through the roof. Put an end to unnecessarily high utility bills by replacing your ductwork.

Your Allergies are Getting Worse

If your allergies are getting worse and you've already changed the filter and added an air purifier, it's time to replace your ductwork. In addition to the issues related to utility bills, damaged ducts also allow dirt, dust, and pollen to get through to your home. Once that happens, your allergies go through the roof, and no amount of air purification will alleviate the problem for you. At that point, new ducts are the only solution.

Your Furniture is Covered in Dust

If your furniture is covered in a fine layer of dust, no matter how often you clean, your ducts aren't doing their job anymore. All that dust is a sure sign that you've got some cracks and gaps in your ductwork. You can eliminate the problem by having your outdated and damaged ducts replaced as soon as possible.

Don't be bothered by escalating utility bills and dirty air. Replace the ducts in your home and enjoy clean air again. For questions or concerns, be sure to contact a ductwork installation company near you.