Talking About Air Conditioners

3 Reasons To Invest In Annual AC Inspections

Air conditioners are one of the most important appliances found in any modern home. Without a functional air conditioner, it would be impossible to maintain cool interior temperatures when outdoor temperatures skyrocket during the summer months.

Despite the fact that an air conditioner has a unique and important job to do, homeowners often overlook the routine maintenance required to keep an AC system running properly. Investing in annual AC inspections could help you better care for your cooling system in the future.

1. Annual inspections ensure safety.

An air conditioner can become a serious safety hazard if it ever begins to malfunction. Refrigerant liquid is circulated through the air conditioner unit to help lower the temperature of the air pulled into the handler before it is distributed throughout your home.

Most refrigerant is moved through flexible rubber hoses that can crack or deteriorate over time. Leaking refrigerant can be detrimental to the environment and the health of your family and pets. An annual inspection includes a thorough examination of all refrigerant lines, allowing you to feel confident in knowing your AC system is running safely.

2. Annual inspections reduce repairs.

Repairing an AC system that has malfunctioned can be costly. If you don't want to sink money into your AC system in the future, invest in annual inspections. These inspections are designed specifically to catch minor issues before they become major problems.

It's a lot more cost efficient to complete a minor repair than it is to replace a major failed component within your AC system. Component failure is often caused by a lack of maintenance, so you can reduce your repair costs by scheduling annual inspections for your air conditioner.

3. Annual inspections reduce operating costs.

An air conditioning system that is running efficiently will use a minimal amount of energy to heat your home. When a component within the AC system begins to fail, the rest of the system must compensate for the lack of performance.

Excessive amounts of energy are consumed as the workload of your AC unit increases. This rise in energy consumption directly correlates to an increase in your monthly utility costs.

An experienced air conditioning installations and repair professional will clean out your AC system and complete a thorough diagnostic examination of each component during an annual inspection. Your system will be ready to meet your cooling demands while minimizing energy use and utility costs following an annual inspection.