Talking About Air Conditioners

Why Is Your Air Conditioner Not Cooling Your Home?

If you come home and notice it's just not as cool as usual, it could possibly be a hot flash, or it could be that your air conditioner isn't working properly to cool your home. Take a good look at your thermostat and sit to listen to your system to be sure it isn't just you. If you think it may be a problem with your system, read on for some helpful tips to troubleshoot your system.

Is Your System Over-Cycling?

If your system is cycling over and over again (turning on and then immediately turning off again), it could be an issue with your outside condensing unit. Take a look at the unit itself and inspect it for problems such as landscaping blocking the air flow. If you have trees, bushes, or weeds growing too closely to the unit, they will choke your system. Clear out this brush and trim back trees/bushes. 

Is Your System Not Even Turning On?

If you notice that your air conditioner is not even turning on, it could be a few different issues. First, check your thermostat to be sure it's set to the proper temperature. Try making adjustments to the temperature. If this doesn't do anything, check that the air conditioner is even turned on. Someone could have turned it off by mistake. Turn the system on if it was turned off.

If the thermostat wasn't an issue, check the condensing unit outside for brush too close to your unit (see above). Clear away the brush and give your system a good hose down to clean out any debris blocking the fins.

Another thing to check is the air filter. The air filter in your system may be clogged with dirt, dust, and pet dander. Change the air filter with a brand new one to see if this helps the problem.  If your air filter was clogged, your condensate drain can also be clogged, which may cause yet another problem (think a domino effect). Check the condensate drain and clean it out using a shop vacuum. The clogged air filter will cause the system to suck in all of that excess dust and dirt and can cause the clog in the condensate drain.

If your system isn't cooling your home properly, it could be that your system just can't keep up which may require a new system to be installed. Call a professional for HVAC repair services.