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Inspections For Central Heaters

A cold house can be uncomfortable to live in, especially when you are trying to recover from a cold or other health condition. If you have a central heating system that is no longer able to produce the warmth that you need, the problem can possibly be resolved with help from a professional HVAC technician. He or she can inspect the important parts to determine if they can be repaired without you having to invest in a new system altogether. A technician might be able to get your heater back up and running on the same day that the inspection is performed. Browse through the information in this article to learn about the important parts of a central heater.

The System Thermostat

An important part of a central heater is the thermostat, as other parts won't work without it. Basically, the thermostat must be able to turn the system on, as well as warm your house up to the temperature that desired. A lack of heat with no signs that the system is on can mean that the thermostat is broken. A technician will either need to replace parts inside of the thermostat, or a total replacement of the device will be needed. The thermostat needle might be problematic if the system comes on but is unable to produce enough heat.

Parts of the Furnace

The furnace is like the heart when it comes to warming up a house with a central heater. The reason why is because it is not possible for the system to produce warmth air to the temperature on the thermostat without a working furnace. A furnace must be able to complete the combustion process via the pilot, as that is how warm air is produced. Incomplete combustion is actually dangerous because it can send carbon monoxide into the air in your house without you knowing. A technician can check parts of the furnace such as the pilot, burner, and thermocouple.

The Air Duct System

The air duct system plays a role in the extent of warmth that comes from a central heater. The ducts are used for routing heat throughout the house, but the task can be difficult when there is an accumulation of dirt present. Dirt can prevent air from smoothly going through the ducts, and it forces the blower fan to work harder. You might want to get the duct system cleaned to find out if it resolves the problem and your house begins to warm up better when the heater is on. It is wiser to get the entire central heating system cleaned at the same time as the ducts.

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