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How Well Do Window AC Units Work?

Keeping your home comfortable with cool and clean air during the summer is often hard to do if you don't have some sort of air conditioning system. If your home is not already kitted with central AC, and you can't afford to retrofit it with a condenser and forced air conditioner, you might want to consider investing in window AC units. This article explains when and where window AC units work the best.

Drawbacks of Window Units

First of all, it is important to point out that window AC units are not perfect for every home. They really only work in one room at a time. That is, don't expect to cool your entire home with window AC units unless you are going to install a separate unit in every room in your house. Of course, perhaps the biggest drawback is that they are ugly. They have to be installed in your fixtures, so they are visible and noticeable from both the inside and outside of your home. Additionally, need to you make sure to remove the unit during the winter so you don't lose insulation for damage it.

Convenience of Window Units

Window AC units are convenient, if only because you can go buy one at the store and install it immediately. Most units can be installed in movable windows without any power tools. So, many people will install window units as a temporary solution. They can be removed and stored during the winter. Of course, it is always possible to just leave your unit in the window throughout the entire year.

Adding AC to a Warm Room

Window units are also perfect in Homestead already have central AC, but have a few rooms that need a little extra cooling down. Of course, most homes don't heat and cool evenly, so having a window AC unit in a room that gets hotter is a great way to maintain a balanced temperature throughout your house. Of course, larger units have bigger range, but they are also going to use more electricity and be more expensive to run.

Window AC units can be the only AC system on your property, but only if you live in a small studio or apartment. In the end, since window units are so affordable and easy to install, it is worth trying one out. If you don't like it, you can remove it out and start to think about other possible air conditioning solutions for your home.

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