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How To Rid Your HVAC System Of Bad Odors

Does it seem like your home is smelly? Does the smell become more prominent when you turn on your heat or air conditioner? If so, you probably have an issue with your HVAC system that you need to fix as soon as possible. The good news is that these issues are usually very easy to solve. You might even be able to fix it yourself, without having to hire professionals. However, if the problem is severe and does need to be professionally fixed, don't be too alarmed because HVAC maintenance is relatively affordable. This article looks at a few of the most common causes of smells within your HVAC system and the best possible solutions.

Check the Filters

The first, and probably most obvious, place to look for possible issues is your filtering system. Remember, some homes have multiple air filters. There is usually one attached to the furnace or heat pump, and there could be several within the ducts. If your filter is dirty, it doesn't necessarily mean that it is the cause of the smell. In fact, even if your filter smells really bad, it could just be absorbing a lot of the smell. However, if it looks like you have mold build up on your filters, this could be the source of the odor. However, you shouldn't just replace the filter and call it good. Cleaning or replacing your filters without cleaning the rest of your duct system is usually counterintuitive. If you have a smell issue, you should clean both just to be thorough.

Duct Cleaning

The problem is that most people have the tools and wherewithal to easily change their own air filters, but they don't have the supplies or tools to properly clean their air ducts. It is much easier to just let professionals clean your duct system. This is the best way to ensure they are thoroughly cleaned. Also, professional ducting services are not too expensive, so it is definitely worth it to most homeowners.

Cleaning the Heat Pump

The heat pump is another common source of odors. Since it is located outside of your home, it can absorb different smells. The most dramatic and smelly is if you have an animal die within the heat pump intake duct. This is a problem that you can deal with yourself, even though it is quite disgusting. If you still can't figure out where your odor is coming from, you should check the furnace cabinet. Otherwise, call in a professional service, such as Right Now Home Services, and they should be able to find and fix the problem.