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How to Clean Condenser Coils

Even if you have a brand-new AC system, you need to do your part to make sure it is running efficiently. After only a couple of years, there are several things that could happen to dramatically decrease the efficiency of your AC. One of the quickest things to lose efficiency is the condenser unit. This article explains how to safely and effectively clean and outside condenser unit so you can prevent any problems.

What Does the Condenser Do? 

Most central AC systems are composed of two main parts. Generally, these are divided into the inside and outside components. The most important outside component is the condenser unit. This large appliance, which sits right next to your house, is responsible for converting warm air into cold air that will eventually be circulated into your ducts.

How Do You Clean the Coils?

The most vital and vulnerable part of a condenser unit is the condenser coils. These coils are vulnerable because they line the outside walls of the whole unit—you can easily see them just behind the protective metal cage. They are made out of aluminum and have thin ridges called fins. There is a small gap between each row of fins that is susceptible to getting clogged with dirt. This is a problem that you will need to be more aware of, especially if your condenser is mounted directly on dirt or if there is a lot of dirt right around it. It is a good idea to inspect and clean your coils every year.

The best way to clean your coils is just with a hose. Before you spray them down, you should turn off your condenser. This usually requires switching the breaker in the box mounted on the wall next to the condenser. On some units the breaker will be in the main power box. Once the power is shut off, you can spray down the coils with water. Then, spray in some all purpose cleaner to help break down the dirt deep inside the fins. Finally, use a heavier stream of water to help wash out all of the dirt and debris. You just need to power your system back on and start enjoying improved airflow.

This simple and quick cleaning could have a big impact on the effectiveness of your condenser unit. It is smartest to do this simple cleaning before the summer begins and you become reliant on your system on a daily basis. For more maintenance tips, talk to a contractor like D & W Heating & Air Conditioning Inc.