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How To Make Sure An Air Duct Cleaning Is Successful

Having an air duct cleaning company come to your home is one of the best ways to improve the air quality of your home and ensure that your HVAC system is functioning in the most efficient manner possible. However, when you hire an air duct cleaning company, it is important to follow the right process so that you can have the best possible experience.

Do Not Assume That You Can Clean Your Ducts Yourself

To properly clean air ducts requires equipment that can cost thousands of dollars and that is impractical for an individual homeowner to own. While there are some areas of your air duct that you will be able to clean, it will not be deep enough to make a significant difference.

Hire HVAC Contractors

The best air duct cleaners to hire are those who are also HVAC contractors. By hiring a company that has experience working with HVAC units, you can have your HVAC system inspected while your air ducts are being cleaned. There may be other issues that are contributing to your inefficient HVAC system, such as an HVAC system that is not properly sized or filters that need to be replaced. By hiring an HVAC technician, you can make sure that your heating and ventilation system is in the best shape possible. Air duct cleaners who are not licensed to dismantle HVAC systems may be able to marginally improve the air quality of your home, but not to the same extent as an HVAC contractor.

Have An Initial And Secondary Air Duct Analysis

Make sure that an initial and secondary air duct analysis is performed. The initial analysis is performed before the air ducts are cleaned and the secondary air duct analysis is performed after they are cleaned. This is carried out through a volumeric de-pressurization test and a digital camera procedure. The test needs to be performed initially to understand how the air ducts need to be cleaned. Then, the test needs to be performed after the air ducts have been cleaned to make sure that the duct cleaning was successful and that there are no further actions that need to be taken. The initial test is the most important because some air ducts do not even need to be cleaned, and it is cheaper to have your air ducts analyzed than it is to have an air duct cleaning that isn't even necessary.

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