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Ductless Home Cooling 101: Faqs For Homeowners

If you are looking for a quick and simple solution to home cooling, there is no doubt that opting for a ductless air conditioning system is one of the most viable options. Unlike traditional central cooling units, a ductless air conditioner can be installed in as little as a few short hours with no ductwork involved. If you are considering making a ductless cooling system the cooling solution for your house, it is likely that there are things that you want to know. Here are a few of the biggest questions about ductless home cooling systems. 

Why are ductless cooling systems sometimes referred to as mini-split systems?

Ductless cooling systems are termed mini-splits because of their "split" design. The system is compromised of two main pieces: the condenser outdoors and the cooling distributor inside. The condenser is situated in a stationary place outside and is connected to the interior unit through a passageway through the wall. The mini tag refers to the fact that the entire system is small in stature. Both the exterior condenser and the interior cooling unit do not take up a lot of space in comparison to the traditional cooling units. 

How much is a ductless home cooling system?

Ductless home cooling systems can range in price according to:

  • the size of the system needed and how many interior units will be necessary
  • whether or not your electrical panel will have to be upgraded to support the new system
  • the difficulty level of creating an opening through the exterior of the home
  • if you will have to have a concrete platform installed outside to situate the condenser

In general, however, you can expect the cost of the ductless air conditioning system and installation to be somewhere between $2,500 and $7,000. 

Will a ductless home cooling system keep the entire house at a comfortable temperature?

It is a common misconception that ductless cooling systems are only suitable for small spaces, such as apartments or small homes. However, a ductless system can keep your entire home cool regardless of its size. There are a range of different system sizes that are fitting for different home areas. Ductless air systems can have more than one interior unit to distribute cool air, each connected to the exterior condenser unit. For example, in a multi-level home, there will be a condenser outside and most likely a cooling unit on each level.