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How To Get Rid Of Washing Machine Odors

If your washing machine has a bad odor due to multiple loads of laundry, it might be time to do some cleaning and deodorizing. Here are some simple ways to reduce the odor in your washing machine and get it clean.

Let it Air Out

One thing you can do every time you wash your clothes is leave the washing machine door open after you are done using it. This will air it out and give the standing water inside the machine a chance to dry. By letting this water dry with the open air, you will reduce the amount of mildew and keep out that musty smell. If the open door gets in the way when you are in the laundry room or garage, at least leave it open for several minutes after you are done doing laundry for the day.

Wipe it Down

Another way to reduce bad smells inside your washing machine is by wiping it down on a regular basis. Many areas inside your washing machine can get soap build-up, water that hasn't evaporated, and various debris. Pay close attention to the rubber seal near the door, as this is where a lot of soap residue and debris ends up.

Once you have wiped down the rubber seal thoroughly, wipe inside the washing machine thoroughly, and don't forget the inside of the door. While it needs to be done less often, wiping down the outside of the machine is also a good idea.

Be Careful With Your Soap Use

Make sure you know the recommended amount of soap for your size of laundry load, and don't go overboard. If you make a habit of using more laundry soap than you need, you will end up with excess soap residue inside the machine's drum. The extra soap that was not needed for that load of laundry ends up attaching to the side of the drum and getting caught inside the rubber seal.

Even if you wipe it down regularly, this excess soap can still cause a bad odor. Using the right amount prevents this from happening and reduces how much needs to be cleaned.

Run a Load With Hot Water

Try to run a load of laundry about once a week or so with hot water. While your regular clothes probably use cold water, linens and towels can be washed with hot water. The high temperature of the water helps to rinse the washing machine thoroughly and break up residue and debris that gets caught inside the drum. You can even run an empty cycle by using hot water to rinse the inside of your washing machine.

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