Talking About Air Conditioners

Keeping Your AC In Good Condition And Your Energy Bills Down

Your air conditioner can be a life saver during those hot months. However, you want to make sure you work it as little as possible so you don't put too much stress on it and raise the cost of your energy bills. You should follow the tips detailed below to keep your AC working efficiently, your home comfortable and your bills as low as possible:

Properly maintain your air conditioner

The best way to keep your AC working efficiently and your energy costs down is to provide your air conditioner with maintenance before you turn it on for the season. You want to turn the condenser off and remove the grill. Clean off the fan blades with a moist rag. Remove all growth and debris from the area directly around the unit. Pull off the panel covering the motor section and clean the housing to remove any debris.

Remove the register cover inside your home and take out the filter. If you have a disposable one then you want to replace it. If you have a reusable filter, then you want to take it outside and hose it off. Allow it to dry completely, put it back in place and put the cover on.

Set the thermostat correctly

You want to make sure you put your thermostat at a comfortable temperature without setting it too low. Your house may be very hot at first and you want to turn the thermostat lower until the house cools. This is unnecessary and will only cause the AC to work harder and raise your energy costs.

Use shade to your advantage

Shade your condenser unit to avoid it getting too hot in the direct sunlight. Also, keep your blinds closed throughout your house so the sun doesn't penetrate through the windows while you are trying to cool it down. You may also want to consider tinting your windows with window film.

Shut off hot rooms

If you have a window AC, you want to shut off all the unused rooms you can, especially the ones known for getting very hot. Upstairs rooms tend to be the hottest since the heat in your home will rise.

Have problems looked at quickly

If you notice your AC is making strange noises, you should have the looked at immediately. Also, you want the air to keep your home cooled evenly and call out an HVAC technician (such as one from Artie's Heating & Air Inc) if you notice inconsistencies.