Talking About Air Conditioners

Integrating A House Fan Into Your HVAC System

Many people are familiar with ceiling fans, and while a ceiling fan can effectively circulate air around your house, they are not as effective at cooling your house as an AC unit is. On the other hand, adding a house fan to your HVAC system will give you the ability to quickly and efficiently cool your house. In some cases, a house fan can work even better than an AC system, so using a house fan can help you to save money on your cooling costs. 

What Is a House Fan?

The key difference between a house fan and a ceiling fan is that you have to cut a hole in your ceiling to install the house fan. Once in place, your house fan should look like nothing more than a vent in your ceiling, so it will not ruin the look of your house. Positioned between your living space and the attic space of your home, a house fan can vent hot air out of your house through the attic. 

When Is a House Fan Most Efficient?

Your house can stay warm long after the outside air cools off even with your AC running at full bore. By opening your windows and turning on your house fan, you can pump cool air into your home as you pump the hot air out. A house fan can cool your house and replace stagnant air while still using less electricity than an AC unit would. 

How to Get the Best Performance from Your System

A house fan can still vent hot air from your home during the hottest parts of the day, but your AC unit should provide better cooling. Thus, you should not replace your AC unit with your house fan. Instead, you should add a house fan to your system. Running the house fan during the evening and nighttime hours will give you a way to quickly cool your home and reduce your cooling costs. You might also want to run your house fan while you are baking to help vent hot air out of your home. 

Just because most homes only have an AC unit and/or a furnace does not mean that this is the ideal setup for an HVAC system. If the evening temperatures fall in your area to a pleasantly cool level, then using a house fan can be a good, cost-saving addition to your HVAC system.